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If you’re still trying to eat healthier and get more exercise, you’re aware of how negative substances can disrupt your vibration. When you realise how marijuana, a seemingly common drug, can lower your spiritual vibration, it encourages you to make some new healthier choices. Dispensaries Near Me has some nice tips on this. Something that shatters the body-soul connection should be avoided. It’s time to reconnect with your true spiritual spirit and make some positive choices for yourself.


Your soul is composed of sacred matter. If you want to feel truly alive, recognise that your feelings, thoughts, and body must all be in sync with your soul in order for you to be truly alive on all levels. And that could mean that you can experience feelings or thoughts that you don’t like at times. You should, however, learn to breathe through your difficulties. You will learn to incorporate and balance your mind, body, and spirit energy. You will learn to put the soul’s spiritual light — as well as the universe’s celestial wisdom — into your existence.

And you get a sense of what it means to be in tune with the universe when you align in this way. You can sense yourself humming in tune with the creator’s everlasting vibration. You are in tune with your true nature, which is a divine pulse that is alive in every sense of the word. Higher consciousness is capable of comprehending its own limitless existence.

And you want to be associated with the eternal universal consciousness because it is who you are — you are one with all reality’s root. Inhale it and allow it to pervade your whole being. It is a real elixir that can be consumed on a daily basis. Allow each breath to connect you to the aliveness that yearns to vibrate joyfully within each of your cells. Today is your lucky day.

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