Metro Garage Door Repair Details

If your garage door is one of those things that we use on a regular basis, you will most likely require repairing it at some point in time or another. It is not hard to understand that the garage is one of the main rooms in our home, and without the door in place, we are not really guaranteed that our home will be safe. Also, if there is no door, it is quite easy to simply lock the doors and live in peace, as there is really nothing that could be burglarized or accessed in this way. So why do we all need to make sure that our garage door is working properly? There are actually a number of different problems that can go wrong, and I am going to tell you exactly what might go wrong with your garage door, in the hope that it might help you prevent such a problem in the future! Click over here now Metro Garage Door Repair

One of the most annoying problems associated with garage door installation is when it starts to randomly start and stop, or even worse start and stop at odd times. This might be caused by a loose screw that has become misplaced, or it could be something more serious such as a weak spot in the torsion spring. In these cases, the first thing that you need to look at is whether or not the torsion spring is actually affecting the opening and closing of the door. If it is then you can easily solve the issue by simply replacing the spring.
Another thing that is frustrating enough to warrant the need for garage door repair is when it comes to the actual motor itself. This is particularly problematic because garage door motor installation can sometimes be very difficult. The problem is that the spring’s tension is usually critical to a good working garage door, especially in the case of a roller shutter. If it becomes loose due to a fault in the torsion spring, then it can create such a huge problem that you may well be tempted to try and replace the whole thing. However, this is a much better idea than just trying to repair the motor, as you may find out the hard way. Replacing a motor can actually be quite tricky if you’re not an experienced mechanic, so unless you want to spend loads of money doing so, you’re better off getting the job done by a professional.

Garage Door Repair – Summer Safety Tips

According to the United States Consumer Product Protection Board, thousands of garage door accidents arise per year. The summer months are where most injuries connected to the garage door arise, probably as that is when the doorway is packed with the most activity, with children come and going on their bikes and playing on the driveway. Garage Door Repair-Jacob’s Garage Door Repair has some nice tips on this. The most popular injuries include closed doors on individuals (adults and children), stuck fingers or hands in bits or portions of the door and attempted home fixes failure. Sometimes the subsequent accidents include breaks, broken bones and body sections as well as amputations. For such associated accidents an total of 20,000 patients a year are diagnosed in hospital emergency rooms.

Many injuries may be due to missing components, faulty doors and openers and unsupervised children. To keep your family and house guests safe this summer seek to obey these 5 protection measures on the garage door:

  1. Keep the openers and controls out of children’s grasp! Never allow a child to play on remote controls. Like any “toy” when a kid is permitted to play with it until they keep on playing with it, sometimes without their parents’ supervision. Don’t fall in a bad habit!
  2. Explain to the kids the risks of a garage door. If they realize that the door is synonymous with risk, and that it is not a trap, than they are less apt to place themselves in harm’s way. Most suburban homes have doors to a sectional driveway. Ensure sure the kids never learn how to position their fingers or other items in certain parts.
  3. Make sure you and the other people in your home know how to use the garage door’s emergency release mechanism in case an incident happens. The owner’s manual will provide directions pertaining to this function.
  4. Only check the door once a month. For any signs of wear and tear, take a look at the springs, wires, rollers, pulleys and other pieces. Do NOT attempt to detach, change, or restore either of those sections or their attachments for your protection! The work can only be done by a qualified repair specialist. Such pieces are under heavy strain and can snap back quickly and inflict severe injuries or even death.
  5. Each month, check your door’s safety features. Place a small, but sturdy item in the door direction, like a 2×4 frame, to make contact with the object on the floor when it shuts. If working properly, the garage door should stop and automatically reverse direction to return to the open position once it comes in contact with the object. If it does not do both (stop and reverse), then it’s definitely time to give the professionals a call.