Choosing a Private DUI Lawyer vs a Public Defender

When I meet with potential clients in my practise, they always ask me what the main difference is between my services and hiring a public defender for free. There are three major distinctions in hiring a private DUI attorney and using a court-appointed defender, in my view. This is merely my view, and it is not intended to be representative of the legal profession as a whole, explained here.

When you employ your own private DUI solicitor, you have the freedom to meet as many lawyers as you want in order to find the one with whom you are most comfortable and who you believe can provide you with the best results. When anyone is hired as a public defender, they do not have the opportunity to interview the attorney, to try to find the right match, or to ask questions about the attorney’s experience and success rate. You will be represented by a public defender if you have been appointed one, and there are usually no exceptions.

The second difference between a private DUI attorney and a public defender is the scale of the caseload. I also work with public defenders who have a large caseload. They may have a few hundred customers at any given time. Private attorneys, on the other hand, handle a smaller number of lawsuits, which means they have less clients and more time to devote to each case.

Finally, there is knowledge. DUI defence is a highly specialised area. That is to say, there is a lot of research involved, as well as other topics to be aware of and comprehend. An experienced DUI lawyer will generally restrict his or her practise to defending people convicted of driving under the influence. Court defenders are frequently fresh out of law school, or this is their first real job, or they simply lack the ability to complete all of the preparation and education that an attorney who specialises solely in a particular field of law would.

Now, I personally know a lot of public defenders, and I’d say the vast majority of them are excellent lawyers, and I wouldn’t be concerned if they were representing someone I knew or loved. In reality, I worked as a public defender for a long time. However, just like every other career, there are good and poor ones. It’s no different in the legal profession, and you could end up working with someone you don’t like. Keep in mind that DUI defence is a very specialised area.