Prices for New Roofs

I recently met a client who worked in the metal products industry and was interested in learning how to budget for a new metal roof. I was reminded of my father’s favourite quote after the conversation: “A little information is a dangerous thing!” Check

This customer wanted to know how prices for different types of metal roofs varied, and he knew the size of his house. During our conversation, I’m sure he had a calculator nearby. He was referred to me by another customer, and he wanted to know if I remembered how much his friend had spent. He wrote down the number after I replied with my best memory. “About $15,000 then,” he declared after quickly entering the value into his calculator and multiplying by his estimate of the scale of his roof. Which was about right for a 3000 square foot roof on a job with the same sort of roof as his friend’s…assuming a similar scope of work. I was asked to come out and do an accurate calculation as well as fine-tune the rates. When I arrived, I was reminded once again how dangerous it is to assume something in the roofing industry!

His house was about 2500 square feet, which was close to his friend’s, but that was about where the similarities ended. He had also neglected to remember that there was an attached garage. Oh, and his roof had a covered porch on two sides, as well as a covered patio, and it was a two-story house with a 12:12 pitch. Almost every aspect of two “related” workers that could be different was! As it turned out, the material package for his work would be almost 70% larger than his friend’s, and the labour would be DOUBLE on a square-foot basis due to the complexity and steepness of his roof. For the same stuff, done by the same contractor, his job will cost nearly three times as much! Assumptions are no longer valid….