PRP Hair Treatment – Some Insight

PRP hair treatment has many forms, but is a form of laser treatment that works by using the heat generated by a laser to stimulate the cuticle of follicles to grow thicker. PRP hair treatment works best for people with androgenic alopecIA, also known as female or male pattern baldness, in the frontal area and top of the scalp. This form of treatment is not recommended for people who are experiencing Alopecia Totalis, or a condition that causes bald spots on the scalp. PRP hair treatment for females can also be effective for patients with diffuse alopecia over the entire scalp and other parts of the head. Men and women with diffuse generalized thinning and moderate to severe male pattern baldness may also get desirable outcomes from proper PRP techniques. To know more visit site.

There are two basic methods of PRP treatments; galvanic and thermolysis. Galvanic procedures use a chemical platelet-rich plasma device to inject a chemical structure known as minoxidil into follicles. Thermolysis, on the other hand, uses low-energy pulsed light energy, or blue light, to stimulate the hair follicles through the skin.

Both types of PRP hair treatment have similar results. The major difference between galvanic and thermolysis treatments is that galvanic platelet-rich plasma generally produces faster effects while thermolysis platelets do not. If your doctor feels that you need PRP treatments for your hair loss, he or she will make the decision based on your medical history and current health conditions. You’ll need to discuss the pros and cons of these procedures before you agree to undergo any such procedure.