The Quickest Way to Sell Your House

Here’s the lowdown on everything. If you’ve come across this page, it’s likely that you’re attempting to figure out how to sell your home as quickly as possible. sell my house fast Chicago is an excellent resource for this. You may need to sell quickly for a variety of reasons, including impending foreclosure, divorce, relocation, inheritance, a tired landlord, substantial renovations, or the loan shark is about to crush your legs. Any shanty with four walls and a toilet was going for top money five years ago, when anyone with a pulse could get a mortgage. It wasn’t difficult at all to sell a house quickly. My wife and I had purchased our first house together a few years prior, a one-bedroom condo in the Washington, D.C. suburbs, as a cost-cutting measure. Mortgage payments were actually less expensive than rent, and as a veteran, I was able to obtain a loan with no money down. On the first weekend the property was on the market, we were one of three full-price offers. We were fortunate enough to be chosen by the owner. Those were the days.


We are currently experiencing a severe housing market crisis. It’s practically impossible to sell a house quickly using standard methods. There are two basic reasons for this, according to the law of supply and demand:

Banks are selling properties that have been foreclosed on at rock-bottom prices. And there are quite a few of them.

There are numerous houses to choose from.

There are fewer potential buyers. These are trying times. Individuals are losing their jobs, businesses are failing, and rich people are placing their money in extremely cautious investments after losing a lot of money in the stock market crash. Banks are also being much stricter about who they approve for a mortgage.

All of these factors contribute to homes sitting on the market for six to nine months, a year, or more.

Even in this bad property market, there is a way to get your house sold quickly: sell it to a wholesaler. A real estate wholesaler makes a living by discovering amazing prices on houses and distributing them on to investors who wish to either own the property and rent it out for years or rehab (put it up really well). These private investors do not use traditional bank financing to purchase homes; instead, they use cash or funds raised from other private investors. As a result, they can usually establish themselves on your property quite rapidly. After all, the bank needs 30 days to appraise the house and file all of the loan paperwork, therefore settlements on house sales are scheduled 30 days after the seller accepts a buyer’s offer.

This restriction is removed when dealing with cash purchasers. The settlement can occasionally be scheduled in a matter of days, depending on how quickly the investor’s cash are available.

However, there is one huge downside to selling your home to a wholesaler: you must sell it at a big discount. Real estate investors aren’t in it for the sake of philanthropy; they’re in it to make a profit. They have to earn money on every residence they buy. There must be a significant financial motivation, whether they plan to keep it for years or fix it up and sell it soon. It’s not because they’re greedy (although they can be at times!). Because the investor is taking a significant risk, the profit incentive must be substantial. Consider the following scenarios:

What if the house needs considerably more expensive repairs than they anticipated?

What if local housing values continue to fall or fall quicker than projected in that area?

What if finding a tenant takes a long time if they are unable to sell the house quickly? Every day an investor loses money by owning a house that isn’t selling or isn’t rented by a tenant.

Every investor uses a different method, but in general, they consider what the property would be worth if it were in excellent shape.

The roof has been replaced, the walls have been restored and painted, the flooring has been refinished, the kitchens and bathrooms have been renovated, and the yard has been landscaped. How much would this house be worth if it was the nicest on the block? They deduct roughly 30% of the value to guarantee that they are prepared for the aforementioned unexpected events and to secure a reasonable profit. The outcome is the maximum amount they are willing to put into the property. This must cover the purchase price as well as all renovation costs.

So, if you want or need to sell your home quickly, you must accept the fact that you will not receive top price. Listing your home with a realtor is the greatest approach to optimise the price you get for it when you sell it.

Contacting a wholesaler is the best way to go if you’re looking to sell your house quickly. Simply recognise and accept that in exchange for quick cash, you will be transferring a significant percentage of your home’s value to someone else. While partnering with a wholesaler is primarily focused on selling your home quickly, there are other advantages:

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