When To Call An Emergency Dentist

If you’ve ever needed an emergency dentist, you’ll understand how crucial they are! Tooth pain can be both unpleasant and frightening, but having a reputable and experienced emergency dentist will give you full peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, it will be handled quickly and efficiently.

This article will go into some of the reasons why you would need an emergency dentist, as well as when a regular dentist will suffice!

Situations including an emergency Dentist

When a tooth is chipped, damaged, or falls out, the most common reason for contacting an emergency dentist is when it is chipped, broken, or falls out. This can be a very stressful time for the patient, so it’s important to contact the dentist as soon as possible. Some people believe that going to A&E is the best option in this scenario, but in many situations, this is a waste of the nurses’ time, and only a dentist can have the best care. Of course, an emergency dentist is charged, while in the United Kingdom, A&E is free. However, A&E can be very busy, and in situations where a tooth has fallen out, it is important that it is reattached within an hour.

If a tooth is just chipped or missing, the dentist can first determine if there is a medical issue or whether the damage is purely cosmetic. If the problem is solely cosmetic, there are a variety of options available, including veneers, crowns, or simply filling in the gap.

The second most common reason for people to seek emergency dental care is when they are in excruciating pain. Pains like wisdom teeth or numb aches will normally wait for a regular visit, but when an abscess needs to be treated right away, only an emergency dentist will do. The majority of emergency surgeries are open 24 hours a day, so you should be able to see anyone right away.

When to avoid contacting an emergency dentist

Remember that dentists’ time is valuable, and while it is well worth it when an emergency arises, it is not a good use of anyone’s time or resources if you have actually forgotten to schedule a regular appointment and then decide you need to be seen right away. To ensure good oral hygiene and health, it is recommended that everybody sees a dentist at least twice a year – schedule your regular appointments as usual.