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If you do not write down your questions ahead of time, there is a good chance you would not get an answer to any of them because you actually did not ask them.Years of stooping, kneeling, and running around take a toll on your knees, and women are particularly vulnerable: Women are up to 6 times more likely than men to suffer from knee pain injuries such as ACL tears, according to studies. Do you have a swollen, aching, or weak knee? Find out what’s behind your knee pain and how to get rid of bad arthritis in your knees for good. Why not try here QC Kinetix (Greenville) – Greenville Knee Pain Doctor

Knees that squeak. When climbing stairs or after a long period of sitting, the knees pop, grind, and ache. The Motive. Patellofemoral syndrome affects even couch potatoes, despite the fact that it is usually referred to as “runner’s knee.” The creaking you’re hearing is caused by your kneecap grating against the lower end of your thighbone. Women are more vulnerable to this syndrome than men because of their naturally broad pelvises, which cause their knees to slant inward, resulting in a wider quadriceps or Q. Experts also say that a woman’s knees are placed under more stress as a result of this Q angle.

Knee Pain Treatment: If you regularly engage in high-impact sports like running or tennis, reduce your participation (but don’t quit entirely; otherwise, the muscles that strengthen your knees will weaken) and replace them with gentler activities like swimming and yoga. When the soles of your exercise shoes become worn, you should replace them to ensure that your aches and joints are well cushioned. Knee Pain – You experience a sharp pain between your kneecap and shinbone during physical exercise. The pain is a dull ache that doesn’t go away. Tendonitis is a condition in which the tendons that bind your kneecap to your shinbone become inflamed as a result of repeated stress and overuse.