Frequently Asked Questions About Stairlifts

When looking to have your stairlift installed, there are several factors to consider. These factors include whether or not you will be using the new stairlift as a sole lift in your home, or if you will be adding a second stair lift to an existing staircase. The design of your stairs will also play an important role in how the stairlift is installed. If your stairs were constructed long before your current home was built, then your stairlift company should be able to provide you with some historical information regarding the types of stairlifts that were used in your home and how they were installed. If you are looking for more tips, check out Stairlift Company IN

Many people ask questions about the differences between hard/soft tile and metal stair lifts, the difference between soft/hard/metal stairlifts, and the difference between soft/hard/metal stair lifts and platform stair lifts. All three of these products offer different features, benefits, and drawbacks, and each can be more or less appropriate for your home/business needs. Frequently asked questions about hard/soft tile stair lifts relate to the installation of the product, which is typically faster than with hard/soft tiles, but some homeowners prefer the feel of hard tile. One of the biggest misconceptions about stairlifts is that all stair lifts are motorized, which is simply untrue. Before purchasing your stair lift, you should carefully research the motorization options offered by your stair lift company, as every company has its own policies and guidelines regarding battery recharging, battery replacement, and the like.

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions about stairlifts is whether a homeowner will have to pay for their product and service in addition to installation and maintenance. Since stairlifts are not subject to insurance coverage, the cost of purchasing and maintaining a stairlift can vary significantly depending on the customer’s location, the company offering the service, and the number of stairlifts being purchased. Some stairlift companies will offer free or reduced-rate installation and service, and some homeowners are happy to pay a bit more for customer service assistance, and access to parts and upgrades. Customer service is essential when purchasing any piece of equipment, so if you have any questions concerning the purchase or installation of your new stairlift, don’t hesitate to contact your chosen stairlift manufacturer or a local stair lift dealer to receive an in-depth answer.