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Optometrists perform a comprehensive eye exam to determine the vision needs of their patients. Optometrists perform these vision tests using tools such as refraction charts, Computer Aided Optometry (CAT) tests, optical examination and visual field tests. For each test, the doctor reviews images taken by the computer and makes the appropriate adjustments based on the results. The doctor may also order additional tests if the initial tests suggest that the patient might need to make adjustments to his/her vision. An eye examination is often the first step toward treatment in many cases. For more details click Eyes of Texas.

The optometrist salary range is primarily based on their experience and education. Most optometrists complete at least three years of education, but many optometrists complete a four year degree as well. Most optometrists will begin receiving compensation when they have reached the age of 22. Optometrists who wish to continue their education and acquire more advanced degrees are able to continue working at their current job and attend college classes part time.

Before you consent to have surgery, it is important that you understand all the costs associated with the procedure. You will pay for your eye exam, any lab work and surgical supplies. Many times, an optometric college or hospital will pay for the cost of the surgical supplies. If you are interested in receiving vision care services, such as eye exams, laser vision correction, lenses and contact lenses, an outpatient surgical facility is your best choice. If you decide to have an inpatient surgical procedure, the costs can be significantly higher.