Engagement Rings – A Promise That Will Last Forever

An engagement ring, also known as a wedding band, is simply a band symbolizing that the guy wearing it is already married, more specifically in Western societies. Usually a ring is presented by an engaged partner to their future husband or wife as a proposal or immediately after a proposal of marriage has been accepted. Engagement rings can vary in size, shape and materials from a simple gold band to intricate diamond sets, but there are some things that are certain to never change, even if the technology has changed quite a bit.I strongly suggest you to visit engagement rings to learn more about this.

Traditionally, engagement rings are worn only by women because men do not like their fingers being showered with jewelry on a regular basis, especially if the ring is a gold one. However, today engagement rings are worn by both genders and the types of rings vary depending on the man’s lifestyle. For some, they may wear more extravagant gold bands while others prefer something more subtle like solitaire diamonds. For other men, they may choose a style of ring that is simply engraved with the date of the proposed marriage.

Traditionally, the engagement rings signify the betrothal of two lovers who have pledged to spend the rest of their lives together, as a sign that their relationship is bound to last forever. In Western culture, the tradition of the engagement ring dates back to the time when gold was considered the currency of the world and as such people would always exchange it for other valuable metals, which included silver, copper, tin, lead and others. Today, the two rings are not just exchanged; they are taken to heart as meaningful reminders of love and commitment.


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