Benefits of Hiring Hire Party Go Round

It’s easy, enjoyable, and profitable to start a bounce house rental company. When you start getting bookings for your inflatables, you’ll need a good system in place to keep track of your rental agreements. You may use scheduling tools or a wall or desk calendar to keep track of your appointments. You will, however, need more details than just the bounce house rental date and time. You’ll also need to be able to access some extra details. Building a form that allows you to keep all of your details in one location is a great idea. Browse this site listing about Bounce House Rentals Cincinnati-Party Go Round

The following is a list of the things you’ll need to get from your customer. Put these things on a form and save it in a file you’ve created for your client:

Name of the party in charge,

Contact number to call,

Postal address,

The location of the case

Directions to the case in detail.

Period of the event

Is the surface on which the bounce house will be set up level and clear of obstacles?

What is the source of power? (A distance of no more than 50 feet is ideal.)

Where did you find out about our bounce house rental service?

Dates of reservation and booking

The number of the deposit and the date of the deposit

When is the balance due and how much is it?

You should also make your rental policies about weather, cancellation, and refunds very clear.

Ascertain that your client is aware of the time you will arrive to begin the inflatables’ setup and the time you will return to uninstall them. It’s a good idea to get this document signed by both you and your client, with a copy for both of you. You’ll want to do this quickly so that people aren’t left in the dark about your loyalty to them. Email is ideal for this, and an electronic acceptance would suffice in place of a signature.

By taking these steps seriously, you can prevent any miscommunications and demonstrate to your clients that you are professional and serious about your bounce house business.