Construction Law’s Fundamental Principles

If you’re building a house for yourself or as an investment, you’re probably more concerned with locating a respectable contractor and crew than with whether or not you’ll need a lawyer. In reality, there are issues in construction that may necessitate the assistance of a lawyer who specialises in this field. Construction law, as the name implies, deals with issues relating to the construction of residential and commercial structures. If your project is ever scrutinised, it’s a good idea to know the essentials. Find out here JacksonWhite Law

The following are some of the responsibilities of a construction lawyer.
• Contracts – A construction lawyer can assist with the negotiation of a contract for the land on which the home or structure will be built. You may require such legal counsel if you have issues about the ownership of the property beneath your building.
• Builders’ liens – When a contractor, subcontractor, or worker on a project files a lien, he or she is essentially demanding payment for a task, which is usually a renovation. The claim must then be paid by the person or entity who possesses the title to the property. If there are any issues with a builders’ lien, you should get legal advice from a construction lawyer.
• On-site personal injury – While there are many lawyers who specialise in personal injury, construction lawyers can help in cases where an injury occurs on a construction site or during a building repair or renovation. Because these situations differ from other types of accidents, such as auto accidents, you may want to hire a lawyer who specialises in construction law.
• Insurance claims – In some insurance issues, construction lawyers can help. If your property has been destroyed by a fire, storm, or theft, and you are having problems with your insurance claim, an attorney who specialises in building law may be able to assist you.
Do you require the assistance of a construction lawyer as you construct your residential or commercial property? Even if you don’t need someone on site every day, it’s a good idea to have a name and phone number on hand in case of a legal dispute involving your building. Having skilled representation can speed up the process, whether you have a quarrel over land ownership or with the contractor in charge of your product.