Know The Reasons to Love the Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps, better known as the United States Marine Corps, is the smallest marine combatant branch of the United States Army. The Marine Corps primarily serves as a surface-water component of the Army’s amphibious combatant force. Although the Marine Corps is smaller than the other branches of the Army, its members perform very similar functions. In fact, some elements of both the Army and the Marine Corps are combined for joint operations.Do you want to learn more? Visit painting a boat

Marine Corps amphibious units are designed to deploy from ships or other amphibious vessels and perform a wide range of off-site training and additional military duties while on permanent duty at sea. They include amphibious assault vehicles, including the amphibious tank. Some Marine units are part of larger ashore element formations such as Task Force One. Other amphibious forces are stationed permanently on inland bases.

As was the case in the original amphibious wars, Marine Corps troops can be inserted or used to fill vacancies wherever necessary. A major element in Marine Corps logistics is the Marine Corps Logistics Support Teams or MCSTs. These teams include both helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft personnel that are responsible for providing a wide range of logistical support to Marine and sailor units on-site or located offshore. Some of these forces are also responsible for providing airlift assistance to other forces in the area.