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Another thing to think about is your gynaecologist’s gender. There are many good practitioners of both sexes out there, but people often feel more at ease with one or the other. Remember that there will always be a nurse in the room with you during your exam.

Your doctor will need to go over your medical history with you in detail, especially if you have had any sexual activity. Some women, particularly younger patients, may be embarrassed by the prospect, but keep in mind that your practitioner is there to serve you, not to judge you, and she needs complete disclosure of any information that could have an impact on your health, gynaecological or otherwise.Kindly visit Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates of Hampton – Hampton OBGYN to find more information.

A breast and pelvic examination, as well as a pap smear if necessary, are included in the first exam and most future physicals. For your test, you will need to remove all clothing and underwear, though most clinics will allow you to keep your socks on. To ensure that you understand the process, your doctor will most likely walk you through the steps of your first exam. Feel free to request about feedback during or after your exams, as well as when you will be able to follow up on your test results.

If you want to request any specific treatments, such as pregnancy testing or STD testing, or screens for other problems, let your gynaecologist know when you make your appointment or at the start of your visit. She is available to address any concerns you may have and would gladly answer any questions you may have regarding the procedures and why they are necessary. Your OB-GYN can also offer contraception counselling and other sexual health services, as well as a variety of pre- and post-natal therapies.