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Self-employment, government jobs, and working under the supervision of other practitioners are all options for private investigators. According to one report, two out of every five private investigators were self-employed, with the rest working in detective agencies, law firms, hotels, retail stores, and other sectors.

If you plan to pursue a career as a private investigator, you should be aware of the risks involved. Although a private investigator’s salary can reach $100,000, the work is not always enjoyable or convenient. Private investigators usually operate on an ad hoc basis, and they can work up to 24 hours a day. You can’t afford to take a break while you’re trailing someone. You’ll spend a lot of nights in a car, with a digital camera in your hands, with little time to buy food or drink.Visit Pasadena Private Investigation for more details.

Even if this is a dangerous profession, a private investigator always needs to have a place to work. In reality, much of his work entails making phone calls and conducting internet research. Private investigators who run their own firm have other investigators working with them as they look for clients and negotiate contracts. However, not every investigator is capable of running their own firm. Unless you have a lot of cash up front, it takes several years of working for another agency to earn a regular private investigator wage.

You could be involved in a dispute with a suspect at times. This is why a lot of investigators have a weapons licence. The risk of being attacked makes this job extremely stressful, particularly if you are hired as a bodyguard for someone who has been threatened with death. These are the kinds of moments where you’ll wonder why you got into the PI business in the first place, particularly when you consider your meagre private investigator pay.

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