Cabinet Painting Has A Lot Of Flexibility

A cabinet painting is, literally, a miniature painting, usually no bigger than two feet by two feet, but quite often far smaller. The term is specifically used for painted paintings which display full-length portraits or landscape scenes in a small scale, and not a figure or other piece painted virtually life-sized. It was probably invented by an artist who wanted to make a painted version of a specific item, like an antique cabinet, which he had not even seen in his own home. He painted a low-quality copy to be used as a decoration for his clients’ homes; however, he did not think about the eventual end result of what he was doing. Years later, when he was asked why he had painted it, he said simply that it looked good enough, and that perhaps his clients should consider doing it themselves if they could not afford it.Checkout Pittsburgh cabinet painting for more info.

Cabinet painting has evolved over time, from the original use of oil paints, which were considered by some to be of poor quality and somewhat crude. At this point, acrylics became more popular, and cabinet painting became more easily accomplished as acrylic paints cured faster and more thoroughly than oil paints. Acrylics also have the added benefit of being easier on the eyes, with the resulting paint having a smooth finish that is easy to apply. These days, cabinet painting can be completed in just a few hours using a computer-aided design program, which makes it ideal for people who may be too busy to paint their own cabinets, but who still want to keep the appearance of the traditional wooden or metal cabinets.

The most common type of cabinetry today is made out of metal and wood, although there are still many examples of antiques and other forms of cabinetry that are made from high-quality materials. Regardless of the materials used, cabinet painting has remained to this day one of the most popular ways to decorate a cabinetry or bedroom closet. For example, if you choose to paint your cabinets a light color with accents of darker hues or colors, such as blues, browns, and blacks, then the effect will be a rustic country look. If you choose to have a very bold and bright look, such as reds, oranges, yellow, greens, and blues, then you can add a lot of zing to your room by choosing bolder paint colors. As you can see, cabinet painting has a lot of versatility as it allows you to personalize your home and cabinetry.


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