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Depending on what type of cleaning service you hire, you can assign different duties to different members of your household. A full-time housekeeper may not have to do as much as someone who works a few hours a week or is free to take care of other duties. Responsibilities are also not always the same for different members of a household. Some people may need more help with household chores than others, while some people simply don’t take care of many of the tasks involved in deep cleaning. see this Valet Maids Dallas

Customer service is important for any company. Any cleaning service should take care to address any issues or concerns that customers may have promptly. Good customer service is also imperative for those who are employed by the cleaning service. You should never be embarrassed or feel like you’re being pulled in for whatever reason by the staff at the customer service desk. They should be pleasant, helpful, and informative to all customers, but especially those who are paying the bills.

The duties that a housekeeper should perform vary according to the size of a household. Large families will need more than one person to take care of all their duties. Smaller households may only need one to two people to do a variety of tasks including light housekeeping duties, sweeping and mopping, and raking leaves. Housekeepers are often referred to as maids, but a housekeeper is a dedicated professional who takes care of the duties required by her employer.