Wireless Gate Intercom – Why it is Best For Your Home and Business

Installing a wireless gate intercom is one of the most cost-effective security solutions you can make for your home. You will be able to open and close your motorised gate wirelessly from a remote location using this system. You’ll also be able to keep an eye on the surrounding areas so that you can limit who has access to your building. If you plan to instal a wireless gate intercom in your property, you will benefit from this additional security feature as well as many others. Browse this site listing about Automatic gate repair companies near me
Using this as a home surveillance device
This item includes a heavy-duty intercom, appropriately dubbed a Callbox, that is mounted directly outside your gate. This is the system’s brain, and it’s encased in a tough fibreglass or stainless steel shell. You will be able to screen your guests and authorise or reject them entry with the push of a button. Aside from remotely monitoring the locks on your gates or doors, the Callbox of your wireless gate intercom can also sound an alarm, switch on or off the lights, and even serve as a motion sensor. And the best part is that no trenching or wiring is needed. This is a wireless system that can improve your protection without causing damage to your home. Other advantages include:
1. Two-Way Radio Compatibility
People with handheld radios or two-way radios can also connect with the Callbox, allowing them to keep track of what’s going on on your property without having to be in one place. Mobile security has become more sophisticated without the need to recruit additional security staff because the Callbox can be combined with your current radio communications.
2. Various Power Sources
If power outlets are readily available, the unit can be operated directly using AC power. But what if you don’t have access to a power outlet? This protection system, as advertised, can be operated by rechargeable Ni-CD batteries. Using solar panels if you want to full your carbon footprint; it can work for several days on a single charge from the sun.
3. The coverage is measured in miles.
With your Callbox, you can cover a wide area. You can immediately expand the range of your Callbox by simply installing an optional external antenna if you want to really increase the area coverage, or if you live in an area with a lot of large structures and obstructions.
4. It’s So Easy to Keep Track of Several Callboxes!
You won’t have to think about how to track each gate if you have a large business with several gate entries and want to instal a wireless gate intercom in each of them. The Callbox can be set up to save voice messages in order to notify the central monitoring station when the Callbox is used. When an individual clicks the Callbox button, each voice may have its own unique replay.
Since this device is compatible with any two-way radio, the Callbox will send a specific numeric identifier to a radio with a decoder until a button is pressed. This will allow you to pinpoint exactly which Callbox was used.